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West Broadway Ave is the commercial heart of North Minneapolis. The West Broadway corridor boasts a lively commercial life and is home to several prominent community organizations, including Juxtaposition Arts and Emerge Community Development. The district boasts a diverse, young, and growing population, and will only grow further with new housing developments in the pipeline. We've gathered a list of helpful resources to help you start or continue to run a successful business on West Broadway!

Financial Report

Northside Business Toolkit

A complete business resource guide with Minneapolis City Contact list, Business Planning and Technical Assistance Financing Sources, Permits, Licensing, and Zoning and
Frequently Asked Questions. 

Northside Business Toolkit for 2022

Coming soon!

Technical Assistance Partners

The WBC works with various business technical assistance providers that offer financing, coaching and other support. Email us for a referral!

Coming soon!

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Demographics and Economic Data

Why do business on Broadway?

This  report contains a wealth of information for anyone that does business or is interested in doing business on the West Broadway corridor. It includes demographic data, maps, and economic data.

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Available Properties on West Broadway

The West Broadway Corridor boasts a number of commercial and redevelopment opportunities. These properties come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are very affordable.  There are also a variety of vacant lot sizes through the corridor that are prime candidates for redevelopment.

Coming soon!

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