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Ambassador Pilot Program 2022

In partnership with Better Futures MN and the Pohlad Family Foundation, we have launched our Ambassador Pilot program on the West Broadway Corridor! 

WBC was awarded $50,000 of seed funding by The Pohlad Family Foundation to support the 2022 West Broadway Ambassador's Pilot Program, which is geared towards beautification, community support, and improving the safety of the Corridor. Pohlad's mission is to improve the quality of life and opportunities for those most in need in the Twin Cities region, and with the addition of WBC's Ambassadors Program, our community can make positive strides for a safer, cleaner, and more welcoming corridor for businesses and visitors to enjoy. 

West Broadway Ambassadors provide navigation and referral services to local residents,  forming a knowledgeable and trusted outreach team. Ambassadors also welcome visitors to the West Broadway Corridor and surrounding area, introducing them to the rich historical and cultural amenities the Corridor offers. Ambassadors serve as connectors to the local business community!

Community Engagement

  • Ambassadors will provide a visual presence and engagement for community members invested  in improving the local community. 

  • Cultivate relationships among local business owners, building owners, community members and  leaders through weekly touch points. 

  • Provide bi-weekly check-ins and feedback to the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition point of contact regarding community concerns, recommendations, etc.


Community Beautification

  • Plant flowers and small shrubs. 

  • Maintain flower beds. 

  • Install light pole banners. 

  • Install seasonal decorations.


Cleaning & Maintenance 

  • Streetscape litter cleanup. 

  • Trash and recycling receptacle servicing. 

  • Seasonal clean-ups during the Spring and Fall.

Service Hours

  •  Every Tuesday - Friday

  • Service Hours: 8:00am to 12:00pm

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